We are a systems biology and systems pharmacology laboratory. We use systems reasoning to address fundamental questions in mammalian biology, biomedicine, and pharmacology. Our long-standing expertise is in the biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology of cell signaling bulk and single cell pathways and networks, especially G protein pathways. We have expertise in many experimental and computational methodologies.

We have extensive experimental expertise in the biochemistry molecular biology, cell and animal physiology of cell signaling networks. We also use high throughput technologies such as bulk and single cell transcriptomics and proteomics. We have expertise in live cell imaging and superesolution light microscopy and in high content, high throughput imaging.

We have expertise in a range of computational modeling approaches including graph theory & network models, statistical models, machine learning, and ordinary and partial differential equation-based dynamical models. Current and future studies focus on multi-model approaches to build predictive models of whole cell function, and to understand drug action in complex pathophysiologies.

Typically, we use these experimental and computational technologies to study to answers general questions without confining ourselves to a specific tissue or organ system. Our future emphasis is on human physiology, pathophysiology and drug action.

Cortical neurons in microfluidic chambers